The Dollhouse Project

Welcome to The Dollhouse Project!  This is where we will document the process of creating a dollhouse from scratch.  Follow along to create your own dollhouse.

In today’s The Dollhouse Project post you will learn how to make a mattress for your dolls.  This is a fairly easy project that anyone can do!


  • Glue (I used tacky glue)
  • Felt*
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric*
  1.  To get started, cut the cardboard to the appropriate size for your dolls.


2.  Cut the felt to the size of the cardboard but, with some extra room, roughly one inch.IMG_1887.jpg

3.  Now, lay the cardboard onto the felt and center it.  Apply glue to the edges paying special attention to the corners.  Push the felt firmly onto the cardboard until the glue is fairly dry.

4.  Repeat steps 2-3 one more time.  This is what the mattress will look like after you have two layers of felt on it.IMG_1891

5.  It is now time to cover the felt with fabric to create sheets.  Cut the fabric to the size of the cardboard again, leaving extra room so you can fold it over.  Center the felt covered cardboard on the fabric.  Put glue on the felt and fold the fabric over.  Repeat this on all sides.

6.  Ta da!  You are now done with your doll mattress!  Check The Dollhouse Project frequently to furnish and eventually create a dollhouse!

How To Untangle Doll Hair




  • Safety  scissors

Hi guys!  Today I’m going to show you how to untangle the nastiest doll hair.  Well, first of all there really is no way to untangle doll hair.  So how exactly am I going to do this?  Well you just have to trim the dolls hair.  Yes, if it is absolutely terrible hair then yes the only way to fix it is to cut it.  So, get those safety scissors, and cut off only about half an inch.  I would suggest to take off their clothes so nothing gets on it.  I would also suggest getting their hair a bit wet.  Good luck!  And don’t forget to like, comment, share, and follow us!

Do Not Use This On

America Girl Dolls or Barbies

Meet the Dolls

Hi!  Today I’m actually not going to be showing you how to make something, but I’m going to introduce  you to the dolls behind it all.  *The Smiths you have probably seen on the inspiration gallery, if not then why don’t you go check it out.  The Smiths have four kids and two cats.  Their kids names are Mia, Eric, (Mia and Eric are 14 years old and they are twins.)  Michael,( Michael  is 7 years old and usually is called “Mikey”) and baby Maya.( Maya is one year old.)  The cats names are Nixy and Serena.  The mom and dad of this family are Sarah and Richard Smith.  The Smiths own a furniture company,  yacht club, and a whole lot of cows.   Sarah Smith has a cookbook and cooks everything from scratch.    And that is there family. Keep crafting and have fun!

      *The Dolls