Barbie Doll Ice Cream Shop

Supplies Needed:

  • cardboard
  • scrapbook paper/ paper
  • puffy paint
  • hot glue
  • plastic water bottle cap
  • popsicle sticks
  • colored sand
  • cotton balls
  • paint
  • colored sand
  • fabric
  • thin cord
  • jar lid
  • tissues
  • mod podge
  • tooth pick

Step 1: cut out 3  13×13 inch squares of cardboard


Step 2: glue scrapbook paper onto the squares


Step 3: cut thin strips of white paper to cover all of the edges of the cardboard


Step 4: glue the walls and floor together


Step 5: cut out the pieces of cardboard shown below


Step 6: cover them in paper making sure to wrap at least an inch around the top only. I used tape because the very bottom part will not be visible when it is complete

Step 7: glue them together


Step 8: cover the edges with ribbon


Step 9: I decided to put white paper on top of the colored paper for the ice cream counter (steps 5-8). This is optional.

Step 10: use sticker letters to spell “ice cream” on the counter


Step 11: cut 3 popsicle sticks

Step 12: paint one pink, one brown , and one white


Step 13: glue them onto the wall


Step 14: to make the ice cream containers for the counter, take plastic water bottle lids and wrap them in paper, gluing as you go


Step 15: take cotton balls and put it into the ice cream container

Step 16: use puffy paint and mix it on top of the cotton ball. Use different colors to make different flavors. The flavors I made are strawberry cream, cotton candy, chocolate vanilla swirl, blueberry lime, vanilla, lemon, orange, and mint chip.


Step 17: take colored sand and put it in between the ice cream containers in the counter. Be careful as this can be messy.


Step 18: take a piece of fabric and cut out an apron shape.

Step 19: glue thin cord of a coordinating color to the top and sides as shown below.

Step 20: put it on the doll make sure it fits. The cord on the side will allow you to tie it in a bow in the back.

Step 21: take a small plastic clip or clothespin and glue it onto the wall as shown below.

Step 22: clip the apron to the wall


Step 23: take a cream colored paper and cut it into a small rectangle. Roll it from the corner into a cone shape. Secure it with glue. Make multiple.


Step 24: to make the table, take a lid from a jar and paint it white. Then once it dries, paint the left side pink and the right brown


Step 25: take 3 popsicle sticks and glue them to the bottom of the tabletop


Step 26: paint them white

Step 27: to make the chairs, do the same thing as the table, but smaller


Step 28: to make the actual ice cream, take tissues, mod podge, and water and mix them together


Step 29: color it with a small amount of paint and roll it into a ball. This can get messy.

Step 30: use a toothpick to make the edges a little bit flatter. Let it dry.


Step 31: repeat to make more flavors


You can use these to put in the ice cream cones that were made earlier.

Optional: you can paint on extra details to the ice cream


You are done! If you love summer and ice cream, be sure to like this post. Don’t forget to follow and share!

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