Meet My Dolls


Name: Raven

Age: 15

Favorite sport: water polo

Favorite animal: elephant

Best friend: Amanda


Name: Penelope

Age: 14

Favorite sport: horse back riding

Favorite animal: horses

Best friend: Bailey


Name: Amanda

Age: 14

Favorite sport: tennis

Favorite animal: bunny

Best friend: Raven


Name: Seanna

Age: 13

Favorite sport: track and field

Favorite animal: dogs

Best friend: Abigail


Name: Lucile (Lucy for short)

Age: 16

Favorite sport: pole vaulting

Favorite animal: cats

Best friend: Caroline


Name: Dakota

Age: 16

Favorite sport: diving

Favorite animal: tigers

Best friend: Charity


Name: Abigail

Age: 15

Favorite sport: Cheerleading

Favorite animal: penguins

Best friend: Seanna


Name: Bailey

Age: 16

Favorite sport: swimming

Favorite animal: hamsters

Best friend: Penelope


Name: Lila

Age: 14

Favorite sport: volleyball

Favorite animal: dogs

Best friend: Sophia


Name: Sophia

Age: 14

Favorite sport: Cheerleading

Favorite animal: pandas

Best friend: Lila


Name: Caroline (Cara for short)

Age: 14

Favorite sport: softball

Favorite animal: ducks

Best friend: Lucile


Name: Charity

Age: 17

Favorite sport: basketball

Favorite animal: koalas

Best friend: Dakota


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