Christmas Ornaments

This post will show how to make some Christmas ornaments.  Making these Christmas ornaments should be fairly easy but you will want to set apart some time as this may take a while.


  • clay
  • stuffing
  • wooden beads
  • embroidery floss
  • yarn
  • paint
  • toothpicks
  • glue
Snowball Ornaments; Beaded Ornament; Christmas Tree Ornament; Star Ornaments; Green Ball Ornament; Yarn Ornament

To make the snowball ornaments roll clay into a ball.  Poke a hole into the clay using a toothpick.  Take the embroidery floss and fold it in half.  Cross the ends over the middle and pull through the new loop.  This should tie a knot.  Stick the knot into the hole.  You will want to close the hole by pinching the top closed.  This prevents the embroidery floss from falling out.  Take the stuffing and cover the clay with it.  You have now created a snowball ornament.

The beaded ornament is made with a toothpick, embroidery floss, glue, and wooden beads.  Start by tying the embroidery floss.  Take the wooden beads and fill them with glue as you die them onto the toothpick.  When the toothpick is full, put glue on the embroidery floss and stick it through the hole on the bead.  The beaded ornament is complete!  

A Christmas tree ornament is always a fun thing to hang on your tree.  To make it roll clay into a cone.  Paint a toothpick brown and stick into the flat end of the tree.  Let the clay dry.  Once the clay has dried, paint the tree green.  Let the paint dry then paint on ornaments.  I painted red dots to represent ornaments.  Glue the embroidery floss to the back.  The Christmas tree ornament is done!

The yellow star ornaments represent the star of Bethlehem and is a tribute to the nativity scene.  To make this ornament, start by rolling clay into a ball.  Pinch the clay in four different locations.  A star should be the result.  This might be hard and could take a couple of tries.  After the clay has dried, glue the knotted embroidery floss to the back.

The green ball ornament is a very simple one.  This ornament only requires clay and green paint.  Roll the clay into a ball.  Let the clay dry.  Then, paint it green.

The last ornament is the yarn ornament.  This one is made with clay, yarn, glue, and embroidery floss.  Once again, roll the clay into a ball.  Cover the whole thing of clay with glue.  Take a long piece of yarn and wrap it around the clay.  Start at the top and carefully wrap it down.  

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This post was made by the TraditionalCrafter.


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