Live Event Winner

I am very sorry that this is a little bit late, but the results are in!  This event has helped our blog greatly!  We appreciate every one of you that participated, down to every last like.  Thank you, all!

Here are the results:

The 1st place prize goes to…

Emily Bell!  This blogger has a really neat site about good books, dancing, and some crafts.  You can click here to view it!  It had recommended books with summaries, overviews about styles of dance, and more.  We give you a special thanks, Emily for participating in our event!

The 2nd place prize goes to…

hippiespiner!  Thanks so much for supporting our blog and participating!

Everybody did a great job supporting our blog and we thank you for your participation!  Our blog has been prospering greatly since you, our loyal supporters have helped!  Thank you, everyone!

Just because the event is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still help us!  You can help us by liking, following and sharing this blog with your friends and family.

What is this live event you speak of?  Click here to find out, then click here to finish reading it.  If you missed the live event, just wait until another one comes around and you’ll have another chance to participate.

Also check out our sponsor, Executive Home Cooking  for delicious and easy recipes!

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