Knitting: Part 4

Binding Off

Binding off is the final step of knitting.  When you bind off, you are preventing the project from unraveling until it is a mere string of yarn.  This is very easy.  It may take a while if you cast on a lot of stitches so, make sure you have some time to work on this.


Slip Knot

Cast On

Knit Stitch



  • Darning Needles (a plastic yarn needle)
  • Knitting Needles
  • Yarn

Step 1:  Your project should be at your desired length.  You will start by knitting two stitches.


Step 2:  Pull the second stitch over the first stitch.  Repeat Step 1 until you have only on stitch left.


Step 3.  When you have only one stitch left, slip it off the needle.  Once the yarn is off the needle, cut the working yarn.  You will use the remaining working yarn to weave through the loop and through the project.  This prevents the project from unraveling.  Weave the tail through the project.  Use the darning needle to weave in the ends.

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