How To Arm Knit

This post is going to teach you how to arm knit.  Arm knitting is another form of knitting but, it gives you a loopier project.  Arm knitting is fairly easy and does not require a lot of supplies.


Knitting : Part 1

Knitting: Part 1 teaches you how to tie a slip knot.

Knitting: Part 2

You will want to review the very first portion of Knitting: Part 2 so you can learn the terminology.


  • Arms
  • Yarn (preferably a bulky yarn but any yarn will do)

Step 1:  Start by putting the slip knot on your right arm and tightening.4738D84C-7A5C-40E1-BB75-EA50A024B09A

Step 2:  Now it is time to cast on.  To cast on drape the yarn over your left hand like so.


Step 3: Put the yarn onto your arm and repeat until it is your desired number of stitches. The number of stitches on your arm will determine the length or width of your project.

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Step 4:  Hold the working yarn in your right hand and slip the first stitch off.  Pick up the new loop (stitch) you have made and put it on your left arm.  Repeat this step until all of the stitches are on your left arm.

Step 5:  Repeat Step 4 until the project is your desired length.  Once it reaches the desired length, it is time to bind off.  To bind off you will knit two stitches then, pull the second stitch over the first.  Knit another stitch and repeat this process till you have one stitch remaining.  Take the working yarn and weave it through the final stitch.

I made mine into a shawl.  It takes about thirty to forty-five minutes and is super easy.  This will also make a great (last-minute) Birthday or Christmas gift.


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