False Bottom Box

Have you ever wanted to create a false bottom box?  One where you can secretly and safely hide things in plain sight?  By following these instructions you can do just that!  No worry, this is a fairly simple project as long as you follow the directions carefully.

You will need to gather your supplies. You will need:

  • Tacky glue
  • *paint (I used acrylic)
  • *paintbrush
  • *decorations
  • felt (I used black)
  • scissors
  • two boxes (I used jewelry boxes)


1.  To start, you will need two boxes preferably of different sizes.  For this project I used two jewelry boxes that I painted white.

2.  After you have your painted boxes, you will need to start cutting the boxes to allow for the false bottom.  Start by cutting a flap in the larger of the two boxes.  This is what it will look like from the underside of the box.


3.  Next, you will need to cut the bottom off the smaller box.  It will look like this from an aerial view.


4.  What next?  Well, now you will need to glue the two boxes together so that the smaller one is centered on the larger one.


5.  In this step you will cover the top and inside of the larger box with felt.  This allows for the flap to stay in place and helps disguise the flap.  You may use whatever color felt you would like – I chose to use black felt.

6.  For the final step you may decorate the boxes.  As you can see in the below pictures, I used decorative pink tape that I wrapped around the rim of the lid on the top box.  Any decorations will work and allow you to personalize your false bottom box.

I hope you enjoyed this easy, false bottom box craft!  Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed and please share with your friends and family!

*Painting and decorating is optional.

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