Barbie Doll Sized Lamps

Level: Easy

Step one: Gather your supplies


Step two: Take your air-dry clay and roll it into a sphere then slightly flatten one side. This will become the bottom of the lamp.


Step three: Take a toothpick and push it into the ball of clay then remove the toothpick and set it aside.


Step four: Find matching paper to be your lampshade and cut it into a pretty thin strip.


Step five: Fold the paper into a cylinder shape and secure the back with glue.


Step six: Paint the toothpick any color (I chose white).

Step seven: Take your craft foam and trace your lampshade onto it. Then cut it out.

Step eight: Glue the craft foam cutout into the inside and top of the lampshade.


Step nine: Glue your toothpick to the center inside your lampshade


Step ten: Put a small amount of glue onto the bottom of your toothpick and push it into the hole in the clay sphere. You are done! Like, comment, follow, and share with your friends and family.A77C151A-D348-4057-9B84-6F4F0400F966

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