Barbie Doll Palm Tree

Barbie Doll Palm Trees

Level: Easy

Step one: Gather your supplies.


Step two: Take out your scrapbook scissors and cut out some strips of your colored paper. After you have cut out enough to start, leave your scissors out because you may need them to cut more strips of paper if you run out.

Step three: Start gluing your strips of paper onto your wrapping paper/paper towel tube. There is no specific pattern to follow.

Step four: After you make the palm tree trunk, the next step is to make the leaves. Start by getting your green felt and regular scissors and cutting out a palm tree leaf shape. Repeat to make how ever many leaves you want for your palm tree.


Step five: Cut out a small, thin strip of green felt that is a little bit shorter than your leaf and glue it down the middle of your leaf. Repeat for all of your palm tree leaves.


Step six: Cut all around the leaf to add detail


Step seven (optional): To add detail, take 3 green markers and draw shadows and lines onto the leaves.

Step eight: Glue your leaves onto your tree trunk. You are done! Like, comment, and share with your friends.


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