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Barbie Doll Ice Cream Shop

Supplies Needed: cardboard scrapbook paper/ paper puffy paint hot glue plastic water bottle cap popsicle sticks colored sand cotton balls paint colored sand fabric thin cord jar lid tissues mod podge tooth pick Step 1: cut out 3  13x13 inch squares of cardboard Step 2: glue scrapbook paper onto the squares Step 3: cut thin …

Crafting Corner

Welcome to Crafting Corner! We hope our blog inspires you to craft more. To make it easier for you to find crafts, we have redone our website. Crafts are now displayed in different locations and will be much simpler to find. You may search for the craft using the Search bar or use the Crafting …

Crafting Collection

Welcome to Crafting Collection! Crafting Collection is where you can find the portfolios for all of our posts. To view the portfolios, click on the name of the one you would like to view. You will then be able to view all of the crafts in that portfolio. Still can not find what you are …

Doll Rug

This is a really neat rug for dolls made out of string.  You can make it any size for any dolls!!  Let’s go ahead and get started! Materials Easy squeeze tacky glue  Thin string Scissors Directions Cut the size of string that you want, and you can always add more string if you want!  But …

The Journey Begins

    This is the beginning of our crafting blog.  We are a crafting quartet that loves to have fun!  We are excited to share our ideas with you, our readers.  On this blog we will share crafting ideas such as: dollhouse furniture, clay creations, sewing, knitting, et cetera.  We hope you enjoy our blog!

DIY Notebook

Supplies Needed: scrapbook paper plain paper glue stapler decorations scissors Step 1: cut out a 12x6 inch piece of scrapbook paper Step 2: fold it in half Step 3: decorate the front with stickers! and sequins! and anything else you want! Step 4: take a small stack of plain paper. The paper can be white …

American Girl Sleepover

Blaire and Saige are invited to  Nicole’s  for a fun sleepover Blaire and Saige have arrived! The friends are watching a movie and enjoying hot, buttery popcorn Nicole went to the kitchen and got some lemonade and orange soda They are eating some desert while they watch the movie Blaire, Saige, and Nicole are best …

Crafting Corner

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